About Us...


MegaNews is a website that combines diffrent news sources on one, structured page. We provide our users the best of the news. MegaNews is started at the end of 2007.


MegaNews wants that anybody can enjoy the best of the news. By combining diffrent news sources, you'll never miss an article! We also try to build out an international network of MegaNews websites.

The content

The content on MegaNews is automaticly refreshed by a computerprogram. We are not responsible for the content of news articles that are presented on the homepage. The computerprogram also determs the placement of the article.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: When is the news updated?
A: The website is updated each 10 minutes.

V: When is MegaNews going to be active in more countries?
A: We work as hard as we can to provide MegaNews in all countries.

V: Is MegaNews always availble?
A: We try to keep the service 24/24 active. Note that we can't guarentee the uptime of the site.

V: Who is updating the news?
A: Nobody. MegaNews had an advanced, automated computer program that updates the news. The program determs wich articles are showed and where they will be placed.

V: What about my privicy?
A: We don't keep anything of our visitors. We just count the amount of visitors. We don't log IP-adresses, personal information or anything like that.