About Us
SafeTorrent is a free tool that checks if a torrent is valid or bad. SafeTorrent started in November 2008.
We started SafeTorrent because people downloaded fake and bad torrent all the time. In order to prevent this we started SafeTorrent.
Q: Can I trust the reports?
A: Yes, our reports are based on facts. The files are scanned with 38 virus scanners. Based on the results we make our report.
Q: Why do you check with a info-hash and not with a name?
A: A name can be duplicated. The torrent info-hash is unique.
Q: Who is working on this project?
A: The whole community. Everyone can report a torrent as bad or valid. We do not have a staff or something else.
Q: When does SafeTorrent gets updated?
A: We try to post an update each hour.
Q: Do you have an API that I can use?
A: Yes, but we're keeping it private for now. Contact us for more info.
Q: Can I submit a bad torrent?
A: Yes! Use this form to submit a torrent to us. It will be added very soon!
Contact Us
If you have any suggestions for the site or want to have more info, feel free to mail us!
admin AT safetorrent DOT tk